The Garden’s insistence on quality and “the more natural, the better” for humans creates products in the most natural way

Dried herbs.

Valuable herbs to stimulate our immune system and our body in the most natural way. The herbs are collected from our Garden and dried naturally in a shady place, keeping their beneficial properties and aroma intact.

Natural Soaps.

Natural handmade soaps, prepared in the most natural and traditional way. Without artificial colors, preservatives and fragrances. Only essential oils and natural herbs are used for flavouring.

Spices with Herbs.

Give extra flavor, aroma and dynamics to your dishes with spices and seasonings mixed with herbs collected from our Garden, taking your cooking skills one step further and satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.

Handmade Constructions.

Gifts, accessories, key chains, jewelry and various decorations to give to your loved ones or to decorate your home, all handmade and made with love and care.

Take a tour of our Garden and discover some of its beauties.

We produce and package handmade cosmetic products, natural herbs, spices with herbal blends.

<strong>Limited Production</strong>

We produce in limited quantities, so as not to exceed the limits of handmade techniques and not to cancel their important advantages.

<strong>Natural Materials</strong>

We use natural raw materials, many of which are certified organic.

<strong>Traditional Methods</strong>

We rely on traditional manufacturing methods.

<strong>Materials of the Garden</strong>

We make the most of the aromatic and medicinal plants of the rich Greek land, as well as the vegetable oils produced in our naturally endowed land.