Soap ingredients


Aloe vera has been recognized as one of nature’s most remarkable herbs for health and beauty. The fleshy leaves of the plant are filled with a gel containing more than 75 known substances, which include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides and polypeptides – biological stimulants.

Aloe, valued for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to relieve the annoying itching sensation and to treat sunburns. Aloe presents soothing, emollient and antibacterial action, promotes the growth of new skin, moisturizes, protects and fights the effects of aging. It is rich in natural moisture and gives deep hydration to the skin.
As an ingredient in soap making, aloe vera adds a lovely, silky texture to the soap leaving the skin soft and smooth.

In hair care, aloe helps to rebuild damaged hair by making it smoother, silkier and healthier. Aloe moisturizes, regenerates and restructures the hair in depth, making it shinier.