Soap ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) comes from the first pressing of the whole fruit of the olive tree Olea europea. It is the unrefined, pure oil that retains all the nutrients and antioxidants from the olive.

Rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, extra virgin olive oil creates a sense of coolness to the skin, retains skin moisture and forms a breathable membrane that prevents the loss of internal skin moisture.
The fatty composition of olive oil is similar to that of human skin, which is why it very rarely causes allergic reactions and does not interfere with the natural functions of the skin. Olive oil has healing properties and helps to keep the skin soft, supple and youthful.

Squalene is a lipid that is naturally produced by the sebaceous glands in our skin. Unfortunately, the production of squalene from the skin decreases with age. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in squalene, a natural emollient that enhances skin hydration and can help your skin look more vibrant and healthier. Virgin olive oil soaps are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The moisturizing properties of natural squalene are particularly useful for those with dry and/or mature skin.

In hair care, olive oil has been used for centuries. Hot olive oil treatments help repair broken limbs, control dandruff and make your hair shiny and silky.
In the preparation of our soaps we use only extra virgin olive oil.