Soap ingredients

Green Clay

Green clay is a natural material and more specifically a type of clay rock, the colour of which comes from the combination of iron oxides and decomposing matter, algae and/or chlorophyll. The more intense the green colour of the clay, the more valuable it is considered to be. Clay and especially green clay has many cosmetic uses, including the absorption and removal of dirt and oil from the skin and at the same time helps to substantially reduce excessive oil secretion from the skin. Modern research confirms that clay adsorbs oils and dirt from the skin by sticking to its molecules or ions. As the clay is washed away from the skin, unwanted impurities are removed with it, a property that gives it a powerful cleansing action. Green clay is found as an ingredient, mainly in products intended for use on combination to oily skin due to its strong absorbent, cleansing and rejuvenating action.