Soap ingredients


Oat flour is derived from ground oat flakes. In soaps and cosmetics in general, we use oat flour instead of flakes as we seek the benefits of oats but in a softer texture. The skin benefits of oats have been known for many years and have traditionally been used to soften and soothe sensitive or irritated skin. Ground oats have been used for centuries as a gentle exfoliant that removes dead cells and stimulates circulation to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Oats are a soothing, anti-inflammatory cereal that helps calm dry, inflamed and sensitive skin and relieves the annoying itchy feeling associated with eczema and minor skin irritations. Traditional recipes mention the use of oats together with soda in the water of the bathtub to relieve the itching of chickenpox. It is worth noting that oats, in addition to the above properties, also provide a wonderful texture, colour and fragrance to natural soaps.