Soap ingredients

Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil is a vegetable oil, the product of the cold pressing of the kernels of palm fruits. At this point we should disassemble that it differs from palm oil, which is obtained from the flesh or pulp of the fruit (the outer part) and which is used in food products, while palm kernel oil is not eaten but is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of soaps, cosmetics and detergents. Palm kernel oil as an ingredient in soaps helps to produce a light-coloured, hard soap with a rich lather. Palm kernel oil is in a solid state when at room temperature, which contributes to the hardness of a soap bar.
As an ingredient of our soaps, as it is rich in lauric acid, linoleic acid and other fatty acids, it contributes to the treatment and prevention of acne, acting soothingly, reducing possible inflammation, removing dead cells and preventing possible future outbreaks. However, it is best to apply it only for short periods on oily skin.