Soap ingredients

Soapnuts Aqueous Extract (Aritha)

Aritha or Reetha soap nuts come from the sapindus plant – Sapindus mukorossi, the dried fruits of the tree, which is a 100% herbal product that replaces chemical cleaning products. It exhibits powerful cleaning properties and proves to be excellent at cleaning dust, oil, dirt and other impurities. Hair care and cleansing product manufacturers consider it to be a real treasure in the hair care industry due to its cleansing and foaming properties, transforming the hair into thicker and shinier hair. It is also suitable for use in soaps with antifungal properties, as it provides immediate relief from lice due to its insecticidal properties. Thanks to the above properties, the wash fruits are used in cleaning and grooming products for dogs’ coats.

The fruits of the wash also have healing, soothing and anti-poisonous properties, making it effective against snake, scorpion and insect bites. Their anti-inflammatory properties soothe the pain associated with snake and insect bites. The ability of wash fruit to reduce secondary skin infections makes it useful for speeding up the healing process in case of cuts, wounds and bruises. It is often preferred as a wound cleanser.