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Thyme – Thymus vulgaris is a well-known aromatic that enhances the flavour of any dish. Thyme shows antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial and tonic action, actions known since antiquity.

As an ingredient for our soaps

Thyme from ancient times until today is used for its cleansing, healing and soothing action on the skin. During the Middle Ages it was believed that any woman who had thyme was irresistible. It has been used for centuries in baths for its cleansing and rejuvenating properties. Its fragrance helps to renew the mind and body. The name “thyme” comes from the Greek word thymos, which means courage. Roman soldiers used thyme in their baths to give themselves strength and courage.

In hair care products, thyme is an ideal herb for hair. It is often used in shampoos that offer deep cleansing and helps against hair loss.