Soaps for the body:
All our soaps can, without any problem, be used for the body.
It is worth highlighting two soap recipes with particular application to hand washing.
Soap with organic oregano extract.
It acts as an antimicrobial natural soap, with proven effectiveness.
Soap with Arabic coffee extract and grit.
It cleans hands and removes any stubborn hand odours.

Soaps for the face:
Many of our soaps can also be used for the face.
The skin of the face is more delicate and therefore more easily permeable and therefore much more sensitive than that of the body. Thus, there is a requirement for specificity and relative categorisation of soaps on the basis of the main characteristics of the basic skin types.

Soaps for hair:
Several of our soaps can also be used for shampooing the hair.
The soap for shampooing the hair must have some special characteristics, like those of the face. Indicatively mentioned are the foaming ability and the creamy texture of their soap, facilitating quick spreading on the hair, the effectiveness of its cleansing action and its beneficial action on the scalp.

Soaps for our four-legged friends (dogs):
Dogs, the most beloved four-legged friends of most of us, are very often members of our family.
If we have made the decision to abandon the use of synthetic – chemical cleaners, why shouldn’t we follow the same practice for our puppies?
This is the thinking that led us to create a range of soaps with some special features that make them absolutely suitable for dogs.


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